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Episode 1
Tudor Treasure

Isadora and Ben take on the restoration of a crumbling 500 year old Medieval farmhouse in Devon.


Episode 2
Welsh Luxury Barn

Farmer turned civil servant Ben has grand plans for a crumbling and dung-filled 180 year old barn in rural South Wales.


Episode 3
The Million Pound Water Tower

Factory worker Rob takes on an enormous one-man mission to transform an abandoned concrete water tower in Devon into a million pound luxury home.


Episode 4
Chapel of Dreams

Chris ropes in his dad Mick to take on an abandoned Methodist Chapel in Yorkshire - with grand plans to create a luxury home on a biblical scale.

Acorn Barn Finished

Episode 5
Acorn Barn

It’s a retirement project like no other, as Helen and Richard fall in love with an abandoned barn in Buckinghamshire and set to work transforming it into a dream home.

Heavenly Haven - Outside Church

Episode 6
Heavenly Haven

Young couple Seb and Nadia get creative with their grand plans to transform a crumbling Methodist church into their very own heavenly haven.


Episode 7
Eco Barn

Young adventurers Hayley and Rich are planning a total transformation of a crumbling abandoned barn into a modern eco-friendly home.


Episode 8
Kiln Home

Martin and Sue take on the transformation of a world-famous pottery kiln in Cornwall and transform it into a luxury modern home.


Episode 9
Luxury Water Tower

Yorkshireman Chris and wife Angela take on the enormous mission of transforming a disused water tower into a luxury gravity-defying holiday home.


Episode 10
Scottish Lighthouse

Duncan and his fiancé Junn have grand plans to transform one of the most iconic landmarks on the Clyde, Cloch Lighthouse, into a state-of-the-art party home.